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Terms of Service

By visiting our website, and/or requesting a User-ID to access our online galleries, you expressly agree to all of the following:

Copyright - All images, text, and Internet website codebase are the property of IndyModels, LLC. You may not download, copy, use, or otherwise benefit/profit from any of our copyrighted content without our explicit consent. A subscription to view our gallery pages is not consent to violate our copyright. We grant subscribers to our galleries only the right to view the images & text found there. No other rights are either expressed or implied.

Content - Content on our gallery pages, and anywhere on our various website page, is entirely at our discretion. We solely determine content, volume, style, and frequency. You agree by accessing our gallery pages that all site content & availability is at our sole discretion.

Refunds - If we have sent a user-ID & Password to the email you provided, there will be no refund for any reason. We make no guarantee whatsoever regarding site content or availability. We will prosecute all fraudulent activity. You agree by submitting your payment & subscription request that no refund will be made for any reason.

Applicable Law - By visiting this website, and/or subscribing for a user-ID to view our galleries, you agree that the laws of the State of Indiana shall govern all these terms of service and any disputes. You agree that any litigation resulting from disputes between you and IndyModels, LLC shall originate & occur in Marion County, Indiana.

User Account - We only provide user accounts to those who are age 18+. You agree that you must be age 18+ to request a User-ID to access our galleries. You also agree that you are responsible for not allowing those who are under age 18 from accessing our gallery pages via the User-ID you have requested. You alone bear full responsibility for this obligation. Subscription to our galleries is for your personal use only, and a subscription cannot be sold or provided to others. If your User-ID is used to access our galleries from 3 unique IP addresses simultaneously, we will immediately delete your User-ID.

Your Privacy - We will not knowingly provide your info to third parties for any reason (except to law enforcement upon receiving a duly executed subpoena for such information.) We do not sell your data to anyone for any reason.

Total Agreement - These terms of service constitute the total terms of interaction between you & IndyModels, LLC. No other rights or privileges are either expressed or implied.