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Are You Who We Need?

Modeling/Acting is fun, it can provide considerable compensation, and you get to do a variety of different things. Many of our adult talent are students, or work full/part time, and do our bookings in addition to those things. You must have a schedule that will allow you to be a part of what we do (usually with 4+ weeks notice.)

We also work with kids age 4-15. While bookings for child models will never be as robust as it is for adults, it is the fastest growing part of our business and we are excited about the growing opportunities for our younger talent (we are the Midwest's #1 agency for kids.) We have several group/theme events throughout the year in which our kids can participate with other kids on the roster.

Those age 18+ must submit your own info. If you're under age 18, mom/dad will need to submit it for you.

Our work seldom requires previous experience but it does require a look that's a match for our clients and an aptitude for success as roster talentl. We cater to a wide variety of clients and need many different ethnicities, sizes, etc. The "right look" is the one needed by our clients! In our market area, height is not as important as it is in larger markets like New York. In our 30+ year history, the talent who has earned the most money working for us is 5'2".

For those with visible tattoos: we have work where they wouldn't matter and we have work for which they would eliminate you as a candidate. It does also depend on what tattoo(s) you have. Please be sure to describe them fully when submitting your info & make sure at least one of the images you attach clearly shows them. Excessive (more than 3) or large (3" x 3") visible tattoos might disqualify you as a candidate for our roster. It mostly depends on what they are and where.

You must be reliable, motivated, and truly want to be a part of Indiana's largest full-service agency. If this isn't something you really want to do, and/or you have a history of not staying with things for very long, we probably won't be a good match.

For those we accept, our work doesn't require "classes" or modeling/acting "coaches", etc. We can teach you all you need to know quickly & it doesn't cost you anything. Other than a reasonable charge for photography, it should never cost you money to join an agency.

If you leave any required fields on the info form blank, your submission will be deleted immediately.

Parents - We seek disciplined, well-behaved children who realistically can satisfy the needs of our clients. If this does not describe your child, it is unlikely that we would accept your child for representation. Our need for child talent is sporadic and not as often as for adults. We very rarely have work for children under age 4 and are currently not seeing them. Please consider this BEFORE you decide to schedule an appointment.