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Indiana's Premiere Business Address!

IndyModels began in the spring of 1994 with one mission: to be the #1 agency in Indiana. Over time, as other agencies peaked and began to decline, we stayed true to our core values and continued to grow. By the mid 2000's, we had become Indiana's largest modeling agency!

Today, IndyModels is the busiest agency of our kind in the Midwest and the #1 regional agency for kids in the United States. We dominate fashion & lifestyle bookings, print advertising bookings, and event/sports bookings in Indiana, Chicago, Louisville and Cincinnati. By 2018, there was just one thing missing......

Not anymore! We are pleased to announce that Indiana's premiere model & talent agency has moved to Indiana's premiere business address: Downtown Indianapolis on Monument Circle! We're now located in the historic Circle Tower at 55 Monument Circle, Indianapolis, 46204. Visits to the office are still by appointment only, what a view! The new office is beautiful! The new flex studio is now open in Circle Tower as well!

While yesterday's agencies continue to struggle in today's modeling world, IndyModels continues to grow and continues to dominate the Midwest market. If you've ever wondered if an agency is right for you, or for your child, now is the time! Visit our Join Us page and send your info today!