Frequently Asked Questions


What types of work can you offer models & actors?

We work with leading industry professionals who need talent for commericals, print/website advertising, television, fashion/runway, event/promotional work, & other bookings that fit our talent base.

Where do you book work?

The majority of our work is in the Greater Indianapolis market but we do also book work in Chicago, Louisville, Cincinnati, etc. There are a few very large events we staff annually in Las Vegas & New York.

Who do you need for your roster?

We represent men & women of all ages. We have work for all ethnicities, sizes, backgrounds. Especially for advertising & TV/commerical work, our clients need talent in all categories.

Do you represent children?

We work with kids ages 4+ in most booking categories. Work for kids is not as plentiful in the Indianapolis market as it is for our age 16+ roster but it is also the fastest growing age group for bookings. We work with area producers and advertising agencies who need kids of all ages.

What does it cost to be represented by your agency?

No legitimate agency will charge you for representation. We make money from commissions that result from bookings for our roster talent. Stated differently, we make money when you do. The only charge you should expect from joining a real booking agency is the cost of photography & marketing tools (like website work) that is used to introduce you to clients. A legitimate agency should detail all of these charges for you before you schedule an appointment to be seen.

There are so many scams these days. Is it safe to get involved with an agency?

There are legitimate agencies in most larger cities in America but, unfortunately, there are also some that exist solely to take your money. If they have no local office, and only occasionally come to an Indianapolis hotel to meet, there's a good chance they are there to scam you. If they have offices in many cities, that's also a red flag: all modeling is LOCAL. Those that advertise that they are a school or coach, or that they offer model "training", are often scams as well. In Indianapolis, there are 2 agencies that have operated locally for 30+ years (and we are the only one that concentrates solely on the Greater Indiana market.) Withstanding the test of time is a good way to know if a local agency is for real.

Are there minimum qualifications?

Just a few. You must either live in Indiana or within 50 miles of the Indiana border. You must be reliable and able to make yourself (or your child) available for our bookings. Nearly all of our roster talent have "day jobs", or they are students, and no one is available every time. We just ask that you make an effort to accept most of the bookings we have for you.

Do I need prior experience to be represented by your agency?

None at all. Nearly everyone on our roster was a beginner when they joined us. We don't need experience but we do need aptitude. Our evaluation process is designed to determine if you are a match for our work. If you do already have experience, that works, too!

Can you help me book work in larger markets?

We have a relationship with two of the most reputable agencies in Chicago and can act as a "Mother Agency" there. There are no Indianapolis agencies that can book you in New York, Los Angeles, overseas, etc. This is unfortunately something that scam agencies advertise to get you to sign with them (i.e. pay them money.) Please understand that work in Chicago is much more competitive than Indianapolis & you must match exacting stats/sizes to be considered. Contact us for more info.

How do I become a part of your agency?

Our process begins by you filling out the form found on our "Join Us" page. Be sure to fill it out completely with answers to all questions. Your info will be reviewed by our team and we will contact you (usually within 3 days) if we would like to schedule an appointment for you to be seen. We receive on average about 16 submissions per day, so it takes a little time to properly evaluate everyone. If you have not received a response within 5 days, we didn't believe you would be a match at this time for our work.







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