You've known us as Indiana's Source for Models since 1994. Now....we're also Indiana's Source for Actors!

Behind the scenes, we have been building the acting side of our agency for over a year. We're now ready to take the next step!

What we're creating is two-fold:

1. A place for beginning & intermediate level actors to gather, share, and learn.

2. A roster of talented thespians available for both traditional and new age acting roles for our clients.

We will be conducting workshop sessions for both children & adults, conducted by seasoned actors here in the Indianapolis community. We'll learn about, and practice, acting techniques, introduce & discuss the many different types of acting roles out there, and even produce our own "mini plays" and advertising ads. Group discussions, guest speakers, and hands-on interaction. We're not going to just listen & talk about acting....we're going to do it!

This is a first for a Midwest agency and we believe will be a lot of fun for all. Sessions will be age-oriented in the following groups:

Ages 8-12 * Ages 13-18 * Ages 19+

We need males, females, adults (of all ages), and kids ages 8+. If you (or your child) has aptitude for acting (plays, TV commercials, website ads, voice work), now you have a place to plant a seed and watch it grow! We're especially looking for those who are either just beginning, or who have done school plays, etc., but not yet worked as a professional actor.

If this sounds like it might be something for you, visit the Join Us page of our website & complete the form found there. Be sure to mark "Both" when it asks if you are applying as a model/actor/both. We'll talk more about what we do at your agency interview appointment. Let's get started!