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Why we don't separate our roster into categories.

In large markets (like New York), where work is highly specialized, and clients are looking for talent who are both qualified and experienced in large-market bookings, it makes sense to break out a roster into categories like Lifestyle, Fashion, Runway, On-Camera, etc. Large market clients will often browse an agency's website before contacting the agency for more information.

In a smaller market like Indianapolis, however, it is more likely that such categories will just confuse a potential client. They more likely will contact the agency first to discuss available talent. Agencies in smaller markets tend to seek out talent who can participate in a wide variety of bookings, further eliminating the need for categories. While the agency website talent listings in a small market are still important, the composites (and other digital work) they create for their roster talent tend to be what gets them booked when interacting with clients.

Others can separate their rosters into categories if they want. We stay busy, so our way must be working :)