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Appointments are scheduled 7 days a week, generally between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.

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Our Team

Allen Knauer

Is our Agency Director and founder. Known across the U.S. as both a leading agency director and model photographer, Allen has become the Midwest's "old timer" for all things related to the model/talent industry. Not only do the top advertising & marketing agencies look to him for exceptional talent, he also works with some of the best models in America who travel to Indianapolis for portfolio photography. He has been working with beginning and experienced models & talent since 1994.

Michelle Abernathy

Is one of two staffing agents who work with both clients & talent to do all of the "behind the scenes" things that happen in a busy agency. Michelle primarily handles fashion & event bookings for non-advertising clients. She has been with the agency since 2009.

Erin Darlage

Is our senior staffing agent and also office manager. She works with all clients but especially with those related to advertising. Erin has had many roles with the agency since 2003.

Sarah Noblet

Is our agency's lead model and also our senior scout. Sarah has been booking work through the agency, and finding top-notch new recruits, since 2002.

Tess Marcum

Is a scout for both models and for our new acting/talent side of the agency. She is active in many social activities in Indianapolis & that allows her to find some of the most exceptional talent Indy has to offer. Tess has been with the agency since 2015.

Who We Are

IndyModels began serving the Indiana market in March of 1994 and has grown to be the largest agency of our kind in the Midwest. We book adult & child models & actors with the leading marketing/ad agencies, direct advertisers, tv/film show producers, convention/trade events, etc. We have worked with over 2000 beginning & intermediate models (adults & kids) from all parts of Indiana and from neighboring states. Over 1/2 of our current roster models have been with us for 3+ years.


Why We're Different

Unfortunately, the approach to business of most "agencies" these days is to see how many models they can persuade to pay them a huge, up-front sum of money to join their roster. It really doesn't matter if the people signing up are reliable, personable or marketable, as long as they have money in their bank account. This is especially true of scams that prey on parents who want to involve their child in modeling.

IndyModels has become one of the most trusted agencies in the Midwest by doing something a little different: we operate a real modeling agency. Our models don't pay anything just to join our roster. We make money when they do. Operating the Midwest's only nationally recognized model photography studio allows us to keep portfolio costs very low. Although we don't accept everyone who comes through our door, we have over 2000 happy models/talent who have worked with us over the years. We also offer complete marketing & execution services. Whether our clients just need model staffing or need complete project execution, we're a proven leader.


What it Means to You

You join an agency with both the hope & assumption that they will have something for you to do. Since 1994, we have placed more talent in jobs right here in Indiana than all others combined. "Indiana's Source for Models" - it's more than our tag line. We are the Hoosier state's agency of choice and we work everyday to maintain our advantage.

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